online session #18 | September 13, 2020 at 20:00 CET

a space for love? 

This month HOTTAKES hosts artist Venus Jasper to talk about their project LOVE SPACE, a temporary temple of love functioning as community center and space for erotic exploration. We’ll get an update on future plans and open the floor to share experiences of the places where we've made love, had hot sex and/or spaces that felt like a proper love temple. We want to hear about your dream sensual setting as we’re excited to organise more of such spaces - because really, we should.

About Venus Jasper 
In their actions, installations and happenings, Venus Jasper Griepink (NL, 1988) explores the skills and visions needed to create a healthy and exuberant future. In their work, participants are invited into temporary sacred sites. Here bodies, personal narratives and feelings can interact, leading to connections between people as a remedy against the virus of global capitalism. Griepink aims at emancipating forms of behavior, thinking and spirituality and hopes to support the eco-centric cohabitation of the planetary spaceship.

online session #17 | August 30, 2020 at 20:00 CET

bedtime stories 

A smutty open-mic! We love nothing more than hearing your sexy stories, so put your creative writing pens to work and make us a little bedtime story, or share your favorite literature with us. Writer’s block? No worries, simply listen in - you’re sure to leave with a little inspiration...

online session #16 | july 5, 2020

take me to a (sex) party  

Sex parties… so much to say! What might sex parties look like in a post-Covid world? What do we crave and miss the most? Are you new to this and wondering what it’s even like, who should you bring and what should one wear? There are so many styles and adventures, and we want to hear about all of them. Share your experiences and fantasies in one of our last Hot Takes of the summer.

online session #15 | june 28, 2020

top, center, bottom

Power dynamics offer a fascinating look into the deep well of human sexuality and psychology. These relationships can help with confronting and overcoming trauma and other fears, as well as offer a rich landscape of exciting new experiences - both platonic and sexual. Whether you’re an experienced dom, a sub seeking one, or willing to switch into either role, we want to hear your desires, obsessions and experiences.