hosted with dr. britt wray | july 24, 2019

intimate dilemmas in the climate crisis  

The impact of climate change can stir up a range of emotions and affect communities in unique, often disproportionate ways. Grief, fear, despair, depression, motivation, hope and the desire for a better future are all sentiments that can be very personal, but are also what unite us. Together we'll investigate these difficult, intimate issues that are gaining momentum in public debates around climate. What does it mean to bring new life into this crisis? How can we process  emotions spurred by climate change in ways that foster resilience? We heard different voices discuss how they approach the question of having and raising children (or not), and what new vulnerabilities our changing environments are creating (in profoundly inequitable ways).

Britt Wray, Author and Broadcaster; Mary Annaise Heglar, Natural Resources Defence Council; Josephine Ferorelli, Conceivable Future; Matthew Schneider-Mayerson, Yale University; Jade Begay, Indigenous Rights and Climate Justice Activist