online session #07 | may 3, 2020

byob: bring your own bookmarks recap

Here are some favorite clips from your friends at Hot Takes: 

Lady in Heels - foot fetish like we’ve never seen before
Headshot - Blue Artichoke presents a close up on a man’s pleasure
The Multiverse in a Mouthfuck - Jorge the Obscene - a heady sex scene from a dark room
House of Air - Brendan Maclean - educates us on gay male cliches with a surprise ending
Deep Clean - beautiful, dancy, campy self love scene
Fantasy Hotel: the Gardner
Disco Made Me Do It
Sarah Belkner
Stoya Hysterical Literature - necrophilia never sounded so good
Tatiana Brodatch - Instagram - exploring the many possibilities of the body
Goldie Waterbound by Chanta - water torture scene
Literotica - someone’s sexy first bdsm literature
Daisy - a psychedelic creation by our very own Earl Carlson
Michael Meija - coming soon, body paint porn, but beautiful images in the meantime